1996 Heavenly Holidays col

1997 In cupid's garden col

1998 Holiday Cherub col

1999 Holiday prayer col

2000 Holiday Cherub col

2001 Gardian Cherub col

2004 Cherub With Tree col

2006 2006 Cherub col

2007 2007 Cherub col

2009 2009 Cherub col

BR-6 The Teacher col

BS-4 The Locket col

I-1 Bumblebee col

I-2 Gold Butterfly col

LL-3 lady of the thread col

LL-8 County Fair col

LS-1 New born Joy col

LS-2 Bedtime Friends col

LS-3 Crescent Dreams col

LS-4 On Grandmother's Quilt col

LS-5 Rosebud Lullaby col

LS-6 Moonlight Lullaby col

MD-001 Damask Roses col

MD-002 Fairy Moon col

MD-003 The Rose of Sharon col

MD-004 Garden Verses col

MD-005 Sleeping Beauty col

MD-006 Christmas Elegance col

MD-007 Fairy Flora col

MD-008 The Dreamer col

MD-009 My Lady's Garden col

MD-010 Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky col

MD-011 Mother's Arms col

MD-012 The Kiss col

MD-013 Winter Queen col

MD-014 English Roses col

MD-015 Santa's Magic col

MD-016 The Baby Boat col

MD-017 Stone Roses col

MD-018 Blooming Bride col

MD-019 Deco Spirits col

MD-020 Fairy Tales col

MD-021 Fairy Idyll col

MD-022 Summer Queen col

MD-023 Rose Celebration col

MD-024 Christmas Flourishes col

MD-025 Angel Proclamation col

MD-026 Mermaid of the Pearls col

MD-027 Millennium Angel col

MD-028 Crystal Christmas col

MD-029 Snow Days col

MD-030 Midsummer Night's Fairy col

MD-031 Giggles in the Snow col

MD-032 Under the Friendship Tree col

MD-033 Touching the Autumn Sky col

MD-034 Spring Queen col

MD-035 Waiting for Ships col

MD-036 Savannah's Curtsy col

MD-037 Three For Tea col

MD-038 Titania, Queen of the Fairies col

MD-039 Villa Mirabilia col

MD-040 Ashley's Roses col

MD-041 Adia The Garden Fairy col

MD-042 Deepest Love col

MD-043 Enchanted Dreamer col

MD-044 Garden Muses col

MD-045 Autumn Queen col

MD-046 Le Nouveau Sampler col

MD-047 April's Blue Diamond col

MD-048 Rose Arbour col

MD-049 Gathering Eggs col

MD-050 Summer In My Garden col

MD-051 The Seaside Kingdom col

MD-052 June's Pearl Fairy col

MD-053 Spring In My Garden col

MD-054 The Scent of Old Roses col

MD-055 Mother's Bliss col

MD-056 May's Emerald Fairy col

MD-057 The Queen Mermaid col

MD-058 Queen of Peace col

MD-059 July's Amethyst Fairy col

MD-060 The Blossom Harvest col

MD-061 Christmas Wishes col

MD-062 The Lady of the Flag col

MD-063 The Cottage Garden Fairy col

MD-064 Queen of Freedom col

MD-065 Angel of the New Dawn col

MD-066 Fairie Treasures col

MD-067 The Woodland Fairy col

MD-068 Winter in my Garden col

MD-069 Cinderella col

MD-070 Maidens of the Seasons I col

MD-071 Shimmering Mermaid col

MD-072 Guardian Angel col

MD-073 Caring Wings col

MD-074 Maidens of the Seasons II col

MD-075 Butterfly Fairy col

MD-076 Ring Around the Rose Tree col

MD-077 Emerald Mermaid col

MD-078 Royal Holiday col

MD-079 Madonna of the Garden col

MD-080 Lilly of the Woods col

MD-081 Archangel col

MD-082 The Petal Fairy col

MD-083 The Feather Fairy col

MD-084 Enchanted Mermaid col

MD-085 Mermaids of the Deep Blue col

MD-086 Garden Beauty col

MD-087 The Forest Goddess col

MD-088 The Stargazer col

MD-089 The Bliss Fairy col

MD-090 White Christmas col

MD-091 Autumn In My Garden col

MD-092 South Seas Mermaid col

MD-093 Lady of the Mist col

MD-094 Crystal Symphony col

MD-095 Mermaid of Atlantis col

MD-096 November Topaz Fairy col

MD-097 Athena (Goddess of Wisdom) col

MD-098 Bluebeard's Princess col

MD-099 Venetian Opulence col

MD-100 Winter White Santa col

MD-101 Circle of Friends col

MD-102 Mediterranean Mermaid col

MD-103 Shakespeare's Fairies col

MD-104 Day Nymph col

MD-105 Night Nymph col

MD-107 Pixie couture collection col

MD-108 Pixie couture collection col

NC-001 Fairy Roses col

NC-002 Fairy Roses col

NC-101 Emerald_dragonfly col

NC-103 Portrait_lauren_blue col

NC-104 Portrait of Caroline in pink col